• Parameters to Test for Best Ventilation Unit Performance

    March 7, 2017

    Ventilation units are quite crucial for modern industrial and commercial units. Hence, it is essential for these products to be qualitatively best. One can always trust on a leading ventilation unit manufacturer in UAE like Trosten Industries. It’s always recommended for a customer to understand the quality parameters to find the best product. The following guide can be helpful in this regard.

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  • Trosten Air Handling Units: Designed with Latest Technology

    February 14, 2017

    There has been a sea change in the manner in which the air conditioning and ventilation industry is viewed in the world today. Moreover, the air handling unit manufacturers in UAE have made a lot of contribution to the same. The prospects of better and more efficient air handling units have seen a constant uptrend. These improved AHUs are better technologically and in terms of utility for any kind of setting. In such case, the Trosten Industries, a premium maker of air handling units, cooling and refrigeration units is set to bring the best of technology and affordability on a level ...

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  • The Importance of an Ecology Unit in a Kitchen Ventilation System

    February 7, 2017

    Only an exhaust fan is not going to provide full proof ventilation to the kitchen and to keep it clean from kitchen effluent. The effluents that emerge from cooking generally contain grease particles, moisture, and volatile organic compounds. They also cause a bad odor that makes it difficult to breathe for the person who is cooking. For getting rid of all these problems, the best option is to install an ecology unit. Trosten Industries provides high quality ecology units that help in eliminating all these effluents to the maximum extent. Exhaust fans are not efficient enough to remove these pollutants from ...

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  • Standards Followed by Leading Air Conditioning Manufacturer to Meet Modern Demands

    January 22, 2017

    Credit must be given to the manufacturers for growing standards of the air conditioners in modern times. HVAC solutions are highly desired these days, from the residential, large shopping centers, industries to stores or depots. However, requirements of HVAC units in each of the above cases vary from each other. Hence, one should trust only a resourced house that can fulfill all types of requirements. Trosten is one of the highly renowned company in the Middle East, where the company deals with manufacturing and sales of air conditioning and kitchen ventilation equipment. The company provides high quality solutions for all ...

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  • How to Get Best Quality Duct Split Air Units?

    January 14, 2017

    Advanced technology and manufacturing facilities have taken the quality of ducted split air units to altogether a different level. For instance, R410a, R407c refrigerants, and hermetic scroll compressors have made it possible for the manufacturers to promise the best quality every time.. To meet 100% customer satisfaction: There is always an option to have ducted split air units exactly as per your requirement. In fact, Trosten, known as a leading duct split air units manufacturer, can deliver these units in capacity range varying from 5kW to 17.5 kW at one place. Modern manufacturers are always ready to add customized features exactly as ...

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  • Get Best Quality AHU and Kitchen Ventilation Equipment Designed with Latest Technology

    January 7, 2017

    Central air conditioning is a basic requirement for the large commercial set-up and offices these days. Kitchen ventilation requirements are also not limited to the residential groups as these are in high demand in various industries like food and beverages, hospitality and pharmaceuticals. Kitchen ventilation equipment suppliers in UAE have most demands by large hotels and restaurants. There are leading manufacturers of such equipment that justify such huge demands by providing the upgraded solutions in a consistent manner for the residential, commercial, and industrial groups. There is always a solution available for all, irrespective of the industry, in various sizes and ...

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  • Why is it Important to Use Energy Efficient Air Conditioners?

    December 21, 2016

    The process of air cooling revolves around the two main aspects including removing of heat from one the area where it is not required, and Transfer of heat to the area where cooling is not required. To know the mechanism of air conditioning system, it is important to understand the complete cycle thoroughly; we can group the cycle into three phases. The first phase or first step involves the transfer of indoor heat to the refrigerant which is located in the evaporator coils. The air conditioner condensers are then responsible for transferring heat to the air. For heat to flow, one ...

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  • Trosten Industries : Right Place to Purchase Efficient Air Handling Units

    December 14, 2016

    Air handlers are an indispensible oart of HVAC systems. It contains all those components that circulate the air throughout a living area. It’s job is to regulate aand circulate air effectively. An Air handler is usually set inside the building and it operates with both the cooling components and the heating parts of your HVAC system. Modern day air handlers not only circulate air effectively, but also quietly and more precisely. What is the function of an air handler? Air handling unit is an essential component of any air conditioning system, as they have an important role to play. Air handling unit manufactures ...

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  • What are Fan Coil Unit and How Does it Work?

    December 7, 2016

    A fan coil unit is a simple part of heating, ventilation and air conditioning system that are found in almost all residential, industrial and commercial buildings. It is a simple device that comprises of a heating and a cooling heat exchanger that can also be called as coil and fan. The fan coils are usually made up of copper tubes, and it has several turns. The solenoid valve is located beside these coils, which has the function of controlling the flow of refrigerant or chilled liquid to the cooling coil. Trosten Industries, a fan coil unit manufacturer produces these coils with ...

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  • Trosten Industries: One of the Leading AC Equipment Suppliers in the Market

    November 24, 2016

    Just as our website suggests, we at Trosten Industries strive for a much better air quality indoors. We take pride in being the best ac equipment suppliers. You can count on us All our customers count on us because of the superior quality of AC equipment manufactured and supplied by us. We provide environment-friendly ideas and solutions. Our efficiency always increases as each day passes and we are extremely proud of our achievements. We have been in the market since 2004 and have dominated this particular space for quite some time now. We specialize in the manufacturing process of the most centralized ...

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