Eurovent Certification

TAH-TFM series Air Handling Units with double skin panel construction are Eurovent certified


Hygienic Certification

THU series Air Handling Units with double skin panel construction are Hygienic certified by TUV Nord, Germany. Our THU series comply to German, Austrian and Swiss standards for the hygiene requirements in addition to EN standard followed throughout Europe.


AHRI Certification

AHRI 410 certified cooling coils are provided for our Air Handling Units, Chilled Water Fan Coil Units, Ducted Split Units and Rooftop Package Units. The coil geometry of both water and refrigerant coils are mentioned below.
  • 1/2”OD – 31.75 x 27.48 (Chilled water)
  • 1/2”OD – 31.75 x 27.48 (R410a)
  • 3/8”OD – 25.70 x 22.00 (Chilled water)
  • 3/8”OD – 25.70 x 22.00 (R410a)


AMCA Certification

Fans used in our Air Handling Units, Fresh Air Handling Units, Energy Recovery Ventilators and Ventilation Units are either Nicotra or Kruger which are certified by AMCA in accordance to AMCA-99, 211 & 311 standards. These fans are also rated for Fan Efficiency Grade (FEG) as per AMCA 205-10.


UL Certification

UL certified components such as air filters and flexible connectors are optional


CE Mark

Motors with CE mark are used as standard.


We at Trosten Industries are proud to say that we are one of the most trusted and reliable Centralized Air Conditioning and Kitchen Ventilation Equipment manufacturer in the UAE. With our unmatched quality products and service deliveries, our name is spread throughout the Middle Eastern region. The Eurovent Certification for Double Skin Air Handling Units and UL tested Fan Coil Units are our strength to meet the customer needs.