Ecology Unit THU-ECU Series

Trosten’s customized Ecology Unit is designed and built specifically for the removal of hot air with smoke, oil and grease particles from the commercial kitchens to eliminate or reduce odor to an acceptable level if equipped with the optional odor control section. With AMCA certified, Fire rated fans and UL certified filters, you are assured to get the perfect Ecology Unit from one of the best Ecology Unit manufacturers in UAE.

Key Features

  • Capacity range: 600 CFM to 25000 CFM
  • Double skin construction
  • Multi stage filtration for effective oil, grease, smoke and odour removal
    • ETL listed Electrostatic Precipitator for handling grease, oil and smoke with manual wash
    • Washable type, 2 inches thick metallic panel filters, G2 class, dust weight arrestance of 75 to 85% as per EN 779 standards
    • Disposable type 4 inches thick fibre glass panel filters, G4 class, dust weight arrestance more than 90% as per EN 779 standards
    • Disposable type, 24 inches deep, fibre glass pocket filters, F7 class, dust spot efficiency between 80 to 90% as per EN 779 standards
    • Refillable type, 24 inches deep, canister type activated carbon filters with dwell time of 0.1 second
  • UL certified filters
  • Rugged design, all removable panels

Optional Features

  • Fire rated fans rated at 400 Deg C @ 2 hours
  • Motor Class H Insulation
  • Auto wash Electrostatic Precipitator
  • Low Height units
Ecology Unit