TROSTEN is proud to associate with EXPO 2020 with the supply of complete air-side centralized air conditioning equipment. Our special thanks for the support of Expo 2020 project management team, RTA, Parsons, Hoarlea, E-Construct, WME, Aurecon, WSP, Voltas, James L. Williams, Al Futtaim Engineering, Al Shafar United, Crownhouse Technology, Efeco and Lunar Electromechanical.

Thematic Districts (T16036), Expo 2020, Dubai


The project scope of work consists of three thematic districts – Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability located at Expo Dubai 2020, Dubai Exhibition City.

Installations: 173 Nos FAHUs with Double wheel configuration, 61 Nos AHUs with epoxy coated aerofoil fans & 1617 Nos FCUs with the combination of single skin, double skin and with AC/DC motors.

Dubai Metro Red Line Extension – Expo 2020 (Route 2020)

The project involves the extension of Dubai Metro Red Line for Expo 2020. The extension will start from Nakheel Harbour & Tower Metro Station to the site of Expo 2020. It will extend 15 km (11 km elevated and 4 km underground) and includes 7 stations (5 elevated, and 2 underground stations).

Installations: The supplies includes a very special construction of Eurovent Certified Fresh Air Handling Units and Air Handling Units of 153 Nos with screw-less panel construction, inner epoxy coating and Plug fans with IE3 motors.


CoEx Campus – Dubai Exhibition City (Expo 2020)


CoEx Campus – Dubai Exhibition city part of Expo 2020 is one of the world largest cultural buildings offering area of 180,000 square meters of leasable space. The project consists of technology campus, exhibition halls to host international fairs, market and trade shows etc.

Installations: 38 Nos Large FAHUs, 71 Nos AHUs and 522 Nos Fan Coil units with EC/DC fans and motors.

Al Wasl Plaza, Dubai Exhibition City (A,B,C,E,F,G), Dubai

The project is a central hub of the Expo 2020 connecting the three thematic districts- Opportunity, Mobility and Sustainability.

Installations: 31 Nos Large Fresh Air Handling Units, 9 Nos AHUs and 306 Nos Fan Coil units covering the airside equipment’s.


UAE Pavilion, Expo 2020, Dubai


It is a LEED Platinum design project inspired by a falcon in flight, and part of the Expo 2020.

Installations: 8 Nos FAHUs with double wheel configuration, 9 AHUs & 87 Nos DC FCUs complying with minimum SFP values.

KSA Pavilion – Expo 2020, Dubai

The KSA Pavilion will spread over an area of 13,069 sqm. The pavilion, resembling a huge window opening up from the ground and soaring into the sky, will offer visitors an immersive journey showcasing Saudi Arabia’s transformation. Balancing rich heritage and natural wonders with the energy, creativity and innovativeness of its people, the pavilion will demonstrate how Saudi Arabia is shaping both its own and the world’s future.

Installations: TROSTEN is once again proud to be associated to supply the complete airside centralized air-conditioning equipment’s including 2 No. FAHUs, 16 No. AHUs with Premium efficiency motors & 8 No. Fan Coil Units.


Luxembourg Pavilion – Expo 2020, Dubai


Luxembourg Pavilion – Expo 2020 is based on Resourceful Luxembourg theme which aims to reflect the landlocked country’s status as a smart nation. The inspiration for the project’s design is derived by a Mobius strip wherein intertwined and folded ribbons amalgamate into a single surface with no beginning or end, symbolizing infinity. The Luxembourg Pavilion is carefully designed to be a space to promote Luxembourg’s economy, tourism and culture as visitors will enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Installations: TROSTEN supplied 3 Nos Fresh Air Handling Units with Double Heat Recovery wheel & IE2 efficiency motors, Re-circulating Air Handling Unit & Chilled water EC type Fan Coil Units with IP44 motors.

Pakistan Pavilion – Expo 2020, Dubai

Pakistan to use Expo 2020 Dubai pavilion which will likely be retained after the event as a legacy and to show Pakistan culture. A special section will exhibit prominent Pakistani women and tech entrepreneurs who have succeeded in different social and educational fields. The 3,449.9 square metre plot containing the Pakistani pavilion will be located in the general area of the Expo site, outside the three main themed areas.

Installations: TROSTEN had an opportunity to supply Air Handling Units and Fresh Air Handling Units for this esteemed project.

Pakistan Pavilion - Expo 2020

U.S Pavilion – Expo 2020, Dubai

Expo 2020

The U.S. pavilion part of Expo 2020 will showcase how freedom and liberty of thought have enabled success and innovation for American entrepreneurs and innovators. Trosten is proud to be part of this project with supplies of 15Nos Air Handling Units, 5 Nos Fresh Air Handling Units and Ecology unit for Kitchen ventilation.

Swiss Pavilion – Expo 2020, Dubai

Trosten supplied large Fresh Air Handling Unit with Heat Recovery Wheel for Expo 2020 Dubai’s Switzerland Pavilion, also known as Belle Vues, a $15.2m structure located within the 4.38km2 World Expo site’s Opportunity District. The Swiss pavilion has been designed by Zurich-based architect OOS, in collaboration with Bellprat Partner and Lorenz Eugster.

Swiss Pavilion - Expo 2020

Pavilion of Czech Republic – Expo 2020, Dubai

Expo 2020

The Czech Pavilion will be located in the “Sustainability” zone on a 2,200 square meter plot of land and it will be the first pavilion at one of the main entrances to the exhibition site. Trosten is happy to be part of this project by supplying Large Fresh Air Handling Unit with Heat Recovery Wheel and Heat pipe for Centralized Air Conditioning.