Heat Recovery Unit (HRU) / Fresh Air Handling Unit (FAHU) TAH-TFM Series

  • Available in both chilled water and direct expansion system
  • Refrigerant options: R22, R410a, R407c, R134a & R404a.
  • Heat Recovery Wheels, Heat Pipes, Plate Type Heat Exchangers and Run Around Coils.
  • Capacity range: 600 CFM to 60000 CFM
  • Many Heat recovery options
  • Heat recovery wheel
  • Heat pipe heat recovery
  • Cross flow plate type heat exchangers
  • Run around coils
  • Environment friendly rock wool insulation. Also available injected polyurethane foam and fiber glass insulation on request.
  • Copper fins, anti-corrosive coating on fins for coastal applications and side plates in SS construction.
  • DX type Fresh Air Handling Units (Refrigerant options: R22, R407c, R410a, 134a, & R404a)
  • Custom built units to suit site requirements.
  • Unit colour to match the building exteriors.
  • Safety devices
  • Door limit switch, electrically interlocked with fan motor
  • Fan wire guard
  • Earth connection of fan & motor base assembly
  • No projected screws
  • Electro-tinned Evaporator Coils

The need for energy efficient heat recovery in the UAE is ever growing. Trosten Industries, located in Dubai, provides you with the most trusted and reliable Heat Recovery Units. With environment friendly rock wool insulation and custom Built units to suit the site requirements, our Fresh Air Handling Units are one of the best Heat Recovery Units in the region.

Heat Recovery Unit / Fresh Air Handling Unit