Ventilation units are installed in your residential and commercial spaces to avoid the sum up of mechanical and other air impurities that can have a negative impact on the human health. Impurities sin air leads to many skin diseases, respiratory infections, allergies and eye problems which in turn will affect your productivity. Fresh and clean air is very crucial for the proper functioning of the body. It is important to maintain the ventilation units properly to avoid the bacterial growth inside it.

Cleaning of ventilation ducts will remove the contaminants deposited inside it. Cleaning process includes the disinfection of vents using bactericide and fungicide agents. The cleaning process should begin with an evaluation of the duct condition, and the nature of the contamination. Preliminary inspection of the ventilation system is an important process. Direct examination of the ventilation units are conducted to optimize the inspection process. For cleaning the ventilation systems, there are several methods to be used. Brushing is a most commonly used method to effectively carry out the inspection process. It includes cleaning the units with brushes and flexible rollers. Vacuuming is another popular method. It is useful when there is an easy and effective access to the ventilation units.

Steam and water is used to deal with the contamination inside the ventilation units. They remove the impurities settled inside the units. Cleaning of the ventilation units are recommended once or twice a year depending upon the indoor air quality, and type of ventilation used. Proper health and well-being can be achieved with the careful maintenance of the ventilation units. Properly maintained ventilation units reduce risks and improve the performance of the unit.

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