Trosten specializes in the manufacture of hygienic air handling units. The hygiene units comply with VDI 6022 Part 1:2011 & DIN 1946 Part 4:2008 standards that are tested at the TUV Lab in Germany. There are different types of heat recovery options like recuperators, heat pipe for heat recovery and run around coils. Special configurations can be offered with these options. The hygiene units have UV Lamps, Hepa Filters, EC Fans, Plug Fans, direct driven plugs and such components that can be provided in the Hygiene Units by Trosten.

Trosten Hygiene Air Handling Units comes with many features. They have capacity between the ranges of 600 CFM to 60,000 CFM. They comply with the widely accepted international quality standards. They come with a casing made of aluminum or stainless steel and snap-fix panel construction. The range of hardware and fasteners are of stainless steel, so is the drainpipe.

The gaskets and the plastic parts are of a microbial inertness that complies with ISO 846. Fan, motor, coil are the withdrawable type.

The features give the Trosten products an edge over other products in the market.

Trosten is one of the best Hygiene unit manufacturer in the UAE. Our hygiene units are supplied to many leading hospitals in the GCC region.

At Trosten, we ensure the best of quality, service and timely deliveries. We use state-of-art technology for manufacturing of all our products.

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