Stainless Steel, Aluminum or Galvanized Iron are the materials used to manufacture the Double Skin Air Handling Unit, which will help to make rigid. High quality and flexibility are two of the most important features of a double skin air handling unit. They also provide excellent thermal efficiencies and are airtight. These features help to maintain the indoor air quality, operating efficiency, sound level and installation requirements of many commercial and industrial sectors.

AHU or air handling units are available in several specifications and styles with a variety of components installed within. These components of the air handling units help in proper air conditioning when they are installed at commercial places. It is a necessity to install the double skin air handling units at offices as it helps to cool the indoor temperature by conditioning air.

Components of double skin air handing units:

Blower: It is one of the most important component of the double skin air handling unit and it helps recycling air inside a building. The air taken inside the blower device is properly conditioned.

Filters: Filters are installed in the double skin air handling unit and it helps to get rid of dust and other contamination from air taken inside. Filters also help increasing the lifetime of an air handling unit.

Conditioning elements: It is again a vital element of a double skin air handling unit and its function is to heat or cool the air. Heating and cooling coils are used to warm and cool the air respectively.

Humidifier: Humidifier performs the important function of maintaining the air quality in cold climate. The absence of humidifier is often a reason for constant heating up of indoor air.

Trosten Industries is a well-known double skin AHU manufacturer in the UAE and has established its name when it comes to manufacture and supply certified Double Skin AHU.

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