Commercial roof top package units comprises of multiple modular units. Roof top units are packaged units with no additional indoor or outdoor components. As opposed to the traditional systems, the air handler and other cooling and heating elements are all inside the units. They are typically placed on top of the buildings.

Some benefits of commercial rooftop package units:

  • They provide excellent energy performance by ensuring precise control over the indoor temperature. Reduced energy use of these systems leads to lower energy costs.
  • Roof top units are used in both commercial buildings as well as in residences. They are a positive solution to eliminating loud noises as compared to the large HVAC units installed inside the building.
  • Rooftop package units provide better air quality. They control the humidity inside the building with the help of a humidistat. Roof top units provides more ventilation options and keeps the air fresh, clean and of better quality.
  • They are easy to maintain and will last a long time with regular inspections. It is easier to work on roof top package units than traditional units installed inside the home.
  • Placement of commercial roof top package units on roof tops saves space. This space could be used for other storage purposes.
  • They do not have any ground access and it provides added security in terms of thefts, vandalisms or accidents.
  • They are easily accessible for maintenance and repairs. Rooftop access helps in the moving of new units without any disruption to the business space.
  • It offers cooling power flexibility. It is easier to add or remove units to regulate the cooling power.

Trosten Industries is among the top HVAC equipment solution provider across UAE. The Company offers the broadest range of Roof-top Package Units, which are most reliable and energy efficient. Trosten provides a new generation of roof-top package units with Ozone friendly refrigerant.

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