With the HVAC market emerging with new companies and products rapidly, it is important to select an A/C system that is compatible and goes well with your residential or commercial property. One is usually faced with numerous options and different A/C systems for commercial cooling applications.  One such product is the Roof-top package units.

The roof top units are also called as package units in the HVAC industry. People are typically accustomed to seeing rows of air conditioner cabinets along the top of residential and commercial buildings. Some commercial buildings still use “split” systems that are similar to the ones seen in residential housing, whereas restaurants and bars often use ductless heat pumps that send conditioned air wall-mounted blowers that are connected to an outdoor condenser.But the rooftop unit continues to be the most common for business use, thanks to its space-saving efficiency and ease of operation. Roof-top package units have earned their name in the commercial cooling industry.

What ideally sets a roof-top package unit apart from other A/C units is its configuration and structure. Typically, other A/C units have an indoor cabinet and an outdoor cabinet with different sets of components. The outdoor cabinet has a compressor, fan, and a condenser coil; the indoor cabinet has a blower, dampers, air handler, andevaporator coil, and hooks into the ventilation system.

In a rooftop package unit, all the parts are installed in one cabinet located at the top of the building. Both sets of coils, to release and absorb heat, are in the cabinet along with the compressors and the fans. The unit connects directly into the building’s ventilation system to circulate the air.

An added feature of Rooftop package units is that they can be configured either as air conditioners, or as heat pumps capable of both heating and cooling. With installation of a humidistat on a rooftop unit, it can also control humidity and permit the ventilation of fresh air into the system; and is a great asset for increasing indoor air quality.

Trosten, a prominent HVAC contracting company in the GCC, offers the broadest range of Roof-top Package Units, which are very reliable and energy efficient. Leveraging the latest in compressor technology and designed for high ambient temperatures (52 °C), Trosten provides a new generation of roof-top package units with Ozone friendly refrigerant.


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