Zoned HVAC systems are useful in setting different temperatures to different rooms. Ducted air conditioning system will help to zone the home by using dampers and thermostat settings in different rooms. Ducted air conditioned systems facilitates the distribution of heat and air in each room with the help of an individual thermostat and remote system.

Some benefits of installing a zoned HVAC system in your home:

  • Zoned system will lead to lower utility bills. It gives a choice to prevent the heating and cooling of rooms which are not being used allowing you to save energy. It is beneficial to switch to a zoned HVAC system if your home got vaulted ceilings, more than one story, basements, attic etc.
  • Zoning of the HVAC equipment helps to use it less and as per the needs. Not heating or cooling the entire home at all times will extend the service life of the system.
  • It provides comfort as different temperatures can be set for different rooms. Room to room personalization through zoned HVAC systems provide the ultimate comfort level. Zoned system facilitates more stable temperature level at your home.
  • They provide convenience with individual thermostats and remote for each room.
  • Zoned system makes the HVAC equipment more energy efficient.
  • Zoning the system keeps the dust, dirt, mold and other contaminants from easily spreading through the air as compared to a standard system. This helps in providing better indoor air quality to your home.
  • Zoned systems also helps in getting rid of allergies, asthma, rashes, eye irritations and many other health problems.

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