In current times, the HVAC and Kitchen Ventilation Equipment are important parts of the infrastructure of commercial and residential areas. These units can be customized with needs of the clients. To have smooth functioning of system, it is always recommended to install certified HVAC equipment. All equipment comes with different set of certifications to be recognized in the international market.

Eurovent Certification is a third party certification recognized globally. It is provided by Eurovent Certita Certification for over 40 product families in the realm of HVAC-R products. ECC is accredited by Cofrac-Accreditation 5-5017.

Eurovent Certification indicates the performance, mechanical strength and thermal efficiency of the product.

Trosten manufactures Eurovent certified Air Handling Units which can be customized based on site requirement. Our Fan Coil Units are also Eurovent certified. All HVAC units always need to be backed by strong technological support. At Trosten, we have the technological resources required to give the best solutions for the HVAC and Kitchen Ventilation systems.

Technological support enhancesthe optimal performance of the units. It has to be ensured that the manufacturer has high-end hygiene application, energy-saving technology, and recyclable techniques and improve upon the customization capacity of the equipment.

The Eurovent Certification guarantees transparency to the quality of our products. Trosten complies with international norms of quality standards and guarantee a high-grade performance and hence established a recognition in the UAE.

Our TAH-TFMSeries Air Handling Units with double skin panel construction are also Hygiene certified by TUV Nord, Germany.

At Trosten Industries we ensure that we are one of the most trusted centralized air conditioning and kitchen ventilation equipment manufacturer in the UAE. Trosten Industries is a Eurovent certified AHU Manufacturer in the UAE. Our technical expertise and excellent customer service guarantees smooth functioning of our products.


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