Ecology unit are specifically designed for the removal of smoke, oil, and grease particles from kitchen ventilation systems, in order to eliminate odors, or at least minimize them to tolerable levels. It is essential to remove particulate matter from the kitchen area, for neutral exhaust air. This is an important element of the ventilation system that assists in the dispensation and elimination of effluents that are a byproduct of kitchen exhaust activity. These units provide a clean environment in addition to a compact design. 

Ecology units are manufactured in various sizes to suit all variants of kitchen designs, prioritizing ease of maintenance as well. They are efficient solutions that seek to eliminate contaminated air through the air ventilation system. It is an eco-friendly solution to preserve and maintain indoor air quality. Grease air removal, in addition to the elimination of contaminated smoke from the ventilation system, is essential to facilitate smooth and efficient commercial kitchen operations. Therefore, ecology units are basically grease trap devices in the kitchen ventilation system.


Listed below are some benefits of ecology units, as listed below:

  1. Incurrence of lower maintenance costs
  2. Cost-effective alternative for other options, such as carbon filters
  3. Reduction of cooking and other kitchen activity odors
  4. Destruction of grease particles in kitchen ventilation systems
  5. Ease of installation of ecology units on existing ventilation systems


Selecting ecology units for kitchens is not a complicated process – varying unit capacity determines the amount of smoke and grease particles that can be dispensed from the air. Ecology units should therefore be selected subject to kitchen requirements.

In commercial kitchens, the type of food to be cooked, air change rates, and kitchen hood size determine the airflow to be handled by the ecology unit. A properly selected ecology unit will meet all kinds of commercial kitchen installations. The main purpose of the ecology unit is to extract the maximum grease particles in the air and vent them through the ventilation hood and out of the building.

Trosten’s customized Ecology Unit is designed and built specifically for the removal of hot air with smoke, oil, and grease particles from commercial kitchens to eliminate or reduce odor to an acceptable level if equipped with the optional odor control section.


Listed below are some of the best features of Trosten Ecology Units:

  1. Capacity range of 600 CFM to 25000 CFM
  2. Double skin construction
  3. Multi-stage filtration for effective grease, smoke, oil, and odor removal
  4. ETL listed electrostatic precipitator for the handling of grease, smoke, and oil with manual wash
  5. Washable type with 2 inches of thick metallic panel filters, G2 class, dust weight arrestance of 75-85% as per EN 779 standards
  6. Disposable type, 4 inches of thick fiberglass panel filters, G4 class, dust weight arrestance of more than 90% as per EN 779 standards
  7. Disposable type, 24 inches deep, canister type activated carbon filters with a dwell time of 0.1 second
  8. UL certified filters
  9. Rugged design with all removable panels


Listed below are some of the optional features of Trosten’s Ecology Units:

  1. Fire-rated fans rated at 400 degree C @ 2 hours
  2. Motor class H insulation
  3. Auto wash electrostatic precipitator
  4. Low height units


Trosten Industries is a leading manufacturer of HVAC equipment for industrial, residential, and specialized applications. The Company is a recognized manufacturer and supplier of ecology units, air handling units, condensing units, and ventilation units in the GCC region. Backed by the knowledge, experience, and dedication of skilled staff the Company caters to providing products with the best quality standards.



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