The condensing unit, of an HVAC system or Air Conditioning system, condenses the refrigerant from its gaseous, to its liquid state. It cools the refrigerant so that its configuration can be changed. The latent heat emitted by the refrigerant during the process passes on to the coolant of the unit. Condensing units are sized variably, in order to fulfill the air modulation requirements of smaller establishments, and the larger industrial scale requirements. Apart from air conditioning, condensers are also used for removing the heat in the industrial processes, including distillation, the steam power plant applications, and in other similar areas requiring the heat exchange systems. The condensing units often use the surrounding air or cooling water as a coolant. Leading condensing unit suppliers in UAE, Trosten Industries, offer you quality and reliable condensing units at affordable costs.

Applications of Conditioning Units

1. Air Cooling

When the condenser is located outside, and away from an air conditioning unit, the arrangement is quite simple. These condensers can be easily and simply installed and should be cleaned of any kind of dirt accumulations, which can adversely affect their performance.

2. Water Cooling

These condensers are a bit more costly and are also more efficient. They are often used in swimming pools and are also used in the pipes that are used for the city water flow. The condensers require a cooling tower for conserving after. They can also prevent the formation of algae, and corrosion, through water treatment.

3. Evaporative

The evaporative condensers are not popular, but can be used within a building or outside it, under given typical conditions. These condensers operate at a very low temperature and are used in the larger commercial AC units. They are very effective, but may not be very energy efficient.

Condensing unit suppliers in UAE can offer you all kinds of HVAC components, and reliable condensing units, which are energy efficient and are just designed according to your requirements. Trosten Industries uses environment-friendly and efficient R407C refrigerant for delivering unmatched performance and offers the best energy efficiency and reliability. The premium products, including the condensing units, have the rust free built, contemporary looks, and also possess the smooth aesthetics. The products can be used in both residential and commercial establishments and buildings, and are ideal for the office complexes, shopping malls, pharmaceutical industries, and other areas where their application is required.

Trosten Industries is one the top condensing unit suppliers in UAE as we provide the superior quality products that are energy efficient, sustainable and feature rich. We provide HVAC solutions for industrial, commercial and residential and other special applications. Our units are flexible in size, functions with features to accommodate the particular requirements for different users. Trosten Industries operates across the UAE in all the seven emirates and has direct representation in most of the GCC countries.

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