A heat recovery unit works by extracting moist and stale air from wet rooms in your home, it recovers the usually lost heat from the extracted air. It also supplies clean, filtered fresh air that is heated from the recovered warmth of the extracted heat.Depending on the required temperature of the conditioned air, the fresh air is either heated by a recovery unit or heating coil, or cooled by a cooling coil.

A heat recovery unit works via a heat recovery ventilation unit which is usually located in the attic, roof space or plant room of a building. Rather than just extracting air and replacing it with the air from outside, a heat recovery system draws the heat from the extracted air and passes it to the air which is being filtered in from outside. The extract and supply air do not flow within the same pipes and there would be no cross contamination of the different air flows. The heat recovery unit is connected to room air valves via a network of ducting throughout the building.

With a heat recovery system, you make use of what already exists as well as reduce the collective impact on the environment, and that includes the amount of heat we lose to the environment daily. Heat recovery systems work by using the valuable warm air or water in a property and use it in a positive way.

Some of the key benefits of a heat recovery unit is that they reduce dust and pollen throughout the house and are collected via a filter within your system. They greatly reduce moisture, condensations and smells cause by cooking as well as greatly reduce energy usage with your home. Reducing moisture and condensation will in turn reduce risks of damp and mold throughout the home. A heat recovery system can certainly save on energy bills and keep you warmer in the winter. New build houses can boast up to 30% savings on heating bills.

The need for energy efficient heat recovery in the UAE is ever growing. Trosten Industries,a well-known heat recovery unit manufacturer provides you with the most trusted and reliable Eurovent certified heat recovery units and with EC fans options as well. Trosten heat recovery unit complies with international standards and is highly certified. These units are known to provide customers with high-efficiency, environmental-friendly, and premium quality products.


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