Do you know windows are the best thing which ensures proper ventilation in a chamber? But not all the time, when the temperature is extremely hot or cold, it is difficult to ventilate the chamber just with the help of windows. To avoid such critical situations, the ventilation units were introduced to the market. The ventilation units are basically a part of the centralized air conditioning system.

These units ensure proper ventilation in a chamber, in both hotter and colder climates. The productivity of these units is highly appreciated by both industrial and residential clients. In the industries, it is very important to ensure proper ventilation, or else both types of machinery and occupants will be affected due to stale air. Thus, there is a good demand for these products in the industries.

The last sales report of these products suggests that the clients from all over the Middle East regions are highly demanding for ventilation units. As the demands are pretty high in those areas, a number of manufacturing companies started to deal with the ventilation units. Trosten is one of the leading ventilation unit manufacturers in UAE.

It provides the best quality ventilation products to the clients so that the clients can ensure good ventilation in their chambers. Within a very short time, Trosten has managed to earn a good reputation in the market. It fulfills the need of industrial, commercial and residential clients, as the ventilation units are supplied all over UAE. The ventilation units are designed and maintained with great flexibility.

In order to ease the installation process, the ventilation units are maintained with compact size. Again, the noise units are pretty low as compared to other HVAC units. Thus, it is feasible to install these units inside the chambers. To ensure high quality performance, the ventilation units are maintained with double skin configuration.

Basically, the capacity range of these units varies from 600 CFM to 80000 CFM. Because of different accessories like louvers, fire dampers, silencers, filters, electric motors, and dynamically balanced drives, it is feasible for the ventilation units to ventilate the chambers without applying much energy.

To ensure proper air and sound performance, AMCA certified centrifugal fans are equipped in the ventilation units. Again, Trosten, being efficient ventilation unit manufacturer, also modified the units as per the request of the clients. So, it will be a smart decision to install the ventilation units of Trosten.

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