Heat recovery units are also known as MVHR or mechanical ventilation heat recovery. These are an energy recovery ventilation system. Heat recovery units from Trosten help in providing fresh air and an improved level of climate control. It also enables saving energy by a reduction in heating as well as the cooling requirements. Trosten, counted among the leading heat recovery unit manufacturers has gained a great reputation over the past few years, and this is because of the reliable equipment that is continuously supplied to customers. Trosten in the long run also plans to keep this going and expand its operations across different verticals. As far as heat recovery units are concerned, the company leads the market and stands out amongst all its competitors.

Why use Trosten heat recovery units?

There are many advantages of using Trosten heat recovery units. These have been stated below:

1. There are many options that Trosten offers for heat recovery.

2. The rock wool insulation is environmentally friendly. Fiber glass insulation and an injected polyurethane foam are also available by Trosten upon request.

3. The anti- corrosive coating, copper fins for side plates and coastal applications are also part of the unit. This increases the durability of the product.

4. The units are also custom built in order to suit the requirements of the customer’s site.

5. The color of the heat recovery unit matches the exteriors of the building.

6. There are also safety devices installed that trigger an alarm whenever any situation arises.

7. The door limit switch is also interlocked electronically along with the fan motor.

8. There is also a motor base assembly as well as an earth connection of the fan.

9. There are no projected screws.

10. The evaporator coils are tinned electronically.

Energy efficiency requirements are continuously on the rise in the UAE. This has, in turn, increased the requirement of heat recovery unit manufacturers like Trosten who pay enough heed and attention to saving energy and protecting the environment. Apart from energy efficiency and all other advantages, it should also be noted that all the necessary certifications are also adhered to by Trosten, These include Eurovent Certified Performance, Emirates Quality Mark, and QRS. All these certifications are enough proof that Trosten helps customers a lot in the long run. Customers can enjoy increased level of durability, flexibility and energy efficiency that can result in low bills.

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