Air handlers are an indispensible oart of HVAC systems. It contains all those components that circulate the air throughout a living area. It’s job is to regulate aand circulate air effectively.

An Air handler is usually set inside the building and it operates with both the cooling components and the heating parts of your HVAC system. Modern day air handlers not only circulate air effectively, but also quietly and more precisely.

What is the function of an air handler?

Air handling unit is an essential component of any air conditioning system, as they have an important role to play. Air handling unit manufactures in UAE provide these handling units in both chilled water and direct expansion medium as well.

It is important to purchase all types of air conditioning equipment from a renowned supplier and manufacturers, as they offer eurovent certified products. Trosten Industries is one of most renowned and recommended names for all types of air conditioning and kitchen ventilation solution.

Air handlers are usually installed at commercial sites, where there is need to cool a large and complex place, they are not suitable for residential and household cooling needs.

Trosten Industries provides certified Air Handling Units

Trosten provides their customers with highly efficient air handling units at a competitive price. These units also have highly efficient centrifugal fans that are curved backward. Both these products are thoroughly tested and certified as per the set standards by AMCA for high performance and AMCA 300 for enhanced sound performance.

As a reputed air handling unit manufacturer in UAE, Trosten deals in manufacturing high quality air handlers ranging from 600 CFM to 8000 CFM. Their products offer IE2/ IE3, TEFC and IP55 degree of protection. The handlers are properly insulated, and they consist of VFD compatible electric motors as well.

Trosten is a renowned name for all air conditioning needs. We are one of the most reliable manufacturing brands for providing energy efficient air handling units. We provide supreme quality air conditioning units and AMCA certified cooling fans that offer superior performance to our customers. The UL filters installed in the air handlers are also certified to offer higher dust resisting capacity with lower pressure drop.

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