Just as our website suggests, we at Trosten Industries strive for a much better air quality indoors. We take pride in being the best ac equipment suppliers.

You can count on us

All our customers count on us because of the superior quality of AC equipment manufactured and supplied by us. We provide environment-friendly ideas and solutions. Our efficiency always increases as each day passes and we are extremely proud of our achievements. We have been in the market since 2004 and have dominated this particular space for quite some time now. We specialize in the manufacturing process of the most centralized air- conditioning as well as kitchen equipment. We have facilities that are state- of the art and these allow us to make high quality equipment accessible to you. All our facilities are located in the United Arab Emirates.

Quality solutions for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

We at Trosten Industries are dedicated and motivated to provide the highest quality of solutions when it comes to heating, ventilation and air conditioning. We provide all these HVAC solutions for the commercial, industrial and residential applications. Our major strength is providing the most appropriate and useful solutions for the purpose of HVAC. We also offer factual benefits just by saving enough energy. Our HVAC profile has made us one of the best AC equipment suppliers in the world. We are also striving hard in improving our products and services.

Use of a quality management system

We at Trosten along with the quality management system have also implemented an environmental management system in order to fulfill a social responsibility towards the protection of our beloved environment. We also take pride in minimizing the pollution in our environment. We have thus become successful in creating a working environment that is comfortable as well as highly safe.

At Trosten, we believe that our major strength and a one that keeps us going is the innovative and reliable technologies. We address all the solutions of our customers, and this has made us the best AC equipment suppliers in the recent past. Our product line also includes handling units, hygiene units, condensing units, fresh air handling units, fan coil units, heat recovery units, ecology units, an energy recovery ventilator and a ventilation unit to name the least.

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