The condensing units are the most important part of an air condensing unit. Without a condensing unit, it is impossible to achieve a good quality indoor air. Thus, there is a high demand for condensing unit all over the world. It has been observed that, as the industrial and commercial sectors are rapidly growing over the Middle East regions, the demand for air conditioning units are also increasing.

Thus, as a result a demand for condensing unit is maintained from the Middle East region. In order to supply high quality condensing units to the clients, a number of companies started to deal with different varieties of air conditioning equipment. Trosten is one of the leading dealers of air condensing units in UAE.

It has been dealing with different varieties of condensing units since 2004, and has earned a good reputation in the market. Its products are supplies to different parts of the world, as clients from different sectors highly appreciate the quality of the products.

Trosten understood the need of high quality condensing units for different sectors and according to that started to manufacture the best feasible condensing units. Mainly, the condensing units are designed with great efficiency in order to maintain a proper process of condensation.

By cooling a substance, its gaseous state can be converted to liquid state, and with the help of an efficient condensing unit, it is pretty easy to maintain these conditions. The condensing units of Trosten are available with different ozone friendly refrigerants like R 407c and R 410a.

These refrigerants are the best in the industry and provide a good cooling air. And as these refrigerants are ozone friendly, they don’t hamper the environment. In order to maintain proper energy in the system, a hermetic scroll compressor is also provided. Again, in order to save space, the condensing unit is maintained with a small foot print design along with a top discharge configuration.

The capacity range offered by these condensing units varies from 14 KW to 280 KW. Different important accessories like control panel, sight glass valves, filter driers, coil guards, metal fan shrouds, thermostatic expansion valves etc are provided with the condensing units of Trosten. These units are designed with great flexibility, thus are suitable for any kind of electricity supply.

In order to maintain, proper safety, Trosten has manufactured these condensing units as per AHRI 365. Thus, Trosten ensures great piece of condensing units to the clients at affordable rates.

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