There has been a sea change in the manner in which the air conditioning and ventilation industry is viewed in the world today. Moreover, the air handling unit manufacturers in UAE have made a lot of contribution to the same. The prospects of better and more efficient air handling units have seen a constant uptrend. These improved AHUs are better technologically and in terms of utility for any kind of setting.

In such case, the Trosten Industries, a premium maker of air handling units, cooling and refrigeration units is set to bring the best of technology and affordability on a level platform. Most of the air handling unit manufacturers in UAE outsource some part of the production to entities outside UAE. However, Trosten is one of those few manufacturers who have a full-fledged design, fabrication and assembly facilities within their premises.

From the technological point of view, Trosten has acquired the best of Italian air handling technologies and has made appropriate changes to the same so as to cater to the regional climatic differences and hence the air handling needs of the local region itself.

The manufacturing unit is located in Dubai and is a state-of-art production facility for manufacturing systems related to the air conditioning, cooling, and air handling units’ category. Trosten is trusted by consumers for its exceptionally good testing services. The fact is the products that are manufactured by other air handling unit manufacturers in UAE often lack in the various safety aspects, which lead to mishaps. But in the case of Trosten, it takes pride in completely testing each and every instrument that it manufactures before rolling it out into the market.

All the component that go into the building and assembling these instruments and air handling system units are passed through strict safety standards before being used in the production process. This unwavering adherence to stringent standards has made Trosten an undisputed leader in this arena. The customized air cooling and handling systems from Trosten are preferred to be installed in larger spaces of certain business and industrial units.

Hence, it can be concluded that the engineering practices that are followed by Trosten are the best in the entire Middle East region. Each and every product that rolls out of the manufacturing units is checked and made to pass through various quality check procedures, so it is deemed fit for customer consumption.

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