Credit must be given to the manufacturers for growing standards of the air conditioners in modern times. HVAC solutions are highly desired these days, from the residential, large shopping centers, industries to stores or depots. However, requirements of HVAC units in each of the above cases vary from each other. Hence, one should trust only a resourced house that can fulfill all types of requirements. Trosten is one of the highly renowned company in the Middle East, where the company deals with manufacturing and sales of air conditioning and kitchen ventilation equipment. The company provides high quality solutions for all kinds of applications ranging from industrial, residential, and commercial uses.

It needs to be an ISO 9001:2008 certified company:

Air conditioning system with any customized feature can be expected these days. In fact, here at Trosten Industries, we deliver HVAC units that can be completely controlled using digital systems or software. At the same time, HVAC units in modern times can deliver the best performance at minimal energy consumption. All that one needs to ensure is that the manufacturer fulfills the desired certification.

One should trust the ISO 9001:2008 certified companies such as Trosten Industries for their air conditioner installation requirements. Top air conditioning manufacturers in UAE like Trosten Industries have this certification for having the desired quality management systems. Such quality management systems are essential for manufacturing the centralized air conditioning units. In fact, the similar quality arrangement is also essential for kitchen ventilation equipment manufacturer.

Environment standard:

Apart from the quality concerns, the modern systems are also desired to be environmentally friendly. Hence, Trosten, known among the top air conditioning manufacturers in UAE, always implement strategically made Environmental Management System. Such systems meet the arrangements required for minimizing the risk of pollution, according to ISO 141001:2004 standards.


High-end air conditioner manufacturing units require huge manpower. Thousands of people accumulate every day at such units. Hence, these units are essential to maintaining the ultimate safety standards for these people. On this context, we at Trosten implement OSHAS 18001:2007 for Occupational Health & Safety Management System. This implementation ensures that the manufacturer has provided best safety arrangement, or the working environment is thoroughly comfortable.


As explained above, air conditioner units in present time are much more advanced these days demanding customized features. Hence, the manufacturers in modern times are quite technologically advanced. These technologies are meant to fulfill requirements of hygiene application, energy saving applications, to add customized features to the product, etc.


Moreover, it needs to be a one-stop solution for all kinds of air conditioning equipment requirements. At Trosten, we provide everything, starting from Air Handling Unit, Fresh Air Handling Unit, Energy Recovery Ventilator, Heat Recovery Unit, and Hygiene Unit, Ecology Unit with proper certification.

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