Regular HVAC unit maintenance on your rooftop is essential to ensuring that your air conditioning system operates at its best and has a long lifespan. Hiring a professional can be the most effective way to guarantee that each and every item on the rooftop equipment maintenance checklist is completely accomplished, regardless of whether you live in or manage a home or commercial property. The technician has many possibilities during these yearly checkups to learn more about the demands of their clients and then offer services and products that would enhance their level of comfort.

To assure that your rooftop package unit is in perfect condition, annual maintenance is very vital, and listed below are some important aspects to be considered:

Replace air filter
It is recommended to check the air filters at least monthly to make sure they are still functional. Filters often become clogged and failing to replace them on a regular basis can result in poor indoor air quality, decreased airflow, and an early deterioration of your system’s mechanical components. Additionally, dirty air filters make your air conditioner use more energy, which raises your energy bills.

Check the bowler wheel
Look for any evidence of damage inside the casing of the blower wheel as well as the motors. These are crucial elements that allow clean air into your house. Importantly, the longevity of the overall system is shortened by a dirty blower wheel. Additionally, it puts the motor under a lot of stress that could harm it. Furthermore, a dirty or broken blower wheel makes a more significant sound.

Check Connectivity Issues
Power lines may eventually become loose due to the unit’s movements and severe weather conditions like heavy winds. The insufficient voltage received by your HVAC system is a result of these connectivity issues. It is possible for systems to run with loose wires, which can lead to shorts and internal fire hazards.

A number of serious issues in the unit might be brought on by insufficient or insufficient lubrication. These issues, which include slogging and halting, can significantly accelerate the rate of part wear and damage. Additionally, it causes subpar efficiency and total system breakdowns. To avoid this issue, make sure you periodically lubricate all mechanical components.

These are the major aspects you need to consider while having the maintenance done for your roof top package unit and TROSTEN is your trusted partner for all HVAC maintenance requirements!

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