Overview: Rooftop units, an excellent way to cool or heat your building in an efficient way. They are also a great way to keep your place energy efficient throughout the year. These rooftop packaged units are available with R410a and R407c refrigerants and hermetic scroll compressors. They are especially designed for ambient temperatures of up to 52°C.  Roof Top Package Unit has plenty of benefits and has more options and versatility than others.

Advantages of Roof Top Package Unit:

  • Convenient for space and function: Roof top packaged units are simple and easy to install. They are easily incorporate into existing systems and also suitable for shifting multiple units around your roof to accommodate a need for multiple units at a time.
  • Easy to maintain: Roof top units are easy to maintain as their location is placed on the roof of your building and makes them easily accessible without any disruption. Throughout the year, they require little maintenance or easy to maintain and are more convenient to use. These units are more energy efficient and also contain hermetic scroll compressors which are quiet and energy efficient.
  • Flexibility: Roof top packaged units are flexible in nature and depending on the building’s heating and cooling load requirements you can easily distribute the modules in different locations on the roof. When a building has multiple rooftop units, it is easy for you to modify the temperature settings for specific areas and also can track their energy usage.
  • Minimize dirt and damage: HVAC systems which are placed at a ground level are exposed to dirt, debris, dust and other kind of litter but because of their exalted location, rooftop units tend to stay cleaner and safer from debris or from any accidental damage.
  • Quality air: A roof top packaged units offer humidity control, add more ventilation options and this way it helps you provide with clean and fresh air at your place.
  • Security: These roof top units are secured enough as they are located high up and with minimal ground level access keep these expensive investments safe from mishap.

Trosten Industries Company offers the extensive range of Roof-top Package Units, which are most authentic and energy efficient. These units have metal fan shrouds and coil guards and provide a new generation of roof-top package units with Ozone friendly refrigerant.


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