Trosten has prudently endowed rich resources in its Research and Development arm and the management provides continuous investment to ensure that we continue to provide up-to-the minute advanced solutions to our customers and to fulfill our commitment to meet the ever increasing market requirements.

At Trosten product development is a continuous process. We believe in providing the most efficient product and solutions to our customers. Our research and development efforts are testimony of our vision for green sustainable solutions.

In-house psychrometric testing laboratory, engineered and built by Q-Corporation, USA, is focused in new product development and assuring consistent performance of centralized heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment. Test simulations can be conducted at Trosten’s laboratory as validation of equipment’s actual performance at project specified conditions.

To keep the product up to date with the latest and relevant standards, and to ensure that any amendments in the standards are implemented in order to comply with the same, we are in a pursuit of:

  • Testing of existing products and certifications
  • Sourcing the best quality components and raw materials from all over the world
  • Establishing core technologies for the future by strengthening core products and technologies
  • Actively researching new fields and technologies and
  • Pursuing production process innovations

Product innovation and R&D are not only the driving force to enhance the production techniques and market competitive advantage, but also a cornerstone of sustainable development. Technology enhancement is driven by technical experts and liaison with academic and research institutions.

Meeting customer and market requirements, by not only providing the expertise on offering efficient solutions but also improve efficiency of existing products and safeguarding the environment with greener solutions.

Customization to meet various applications is one of the key functions of the division, whereby any customer requiring special solutions for specialized processes or applications not limited to the HVAC industry.

Research and Development