Different variety of equipment is available in the market, which manages the indoor air quality and climate control inside the chambers. Almost every client opt to install such equipment, which can literally enhance the indoor air quality and can provide the desired atmosphere.

Well, thanks to manufacturers, they introduced heat recovery units. The heat recovery units actually improve the climate control in a chamber, by providing fresh air. These are also known as energy recovery ventilation, as these also recover the hidden energy from the chambers through efficient heat exchangers.

Thus, these units also help in saving a lot of energy. The demand for this equipment is pretty high in the Middle East countries. Trosten is one of the best heat recovery unit manufacturers in UAE. It has been manufacturing these units since 2004 and has been efficiently supplying these units to clients all over UAE.

Due to high quality heat recovery units, Trosten has managed to earn a unique reputation in the market. The heat recovery units are manufactured by experienced engineers and are efficiently maintained as per different international standards. As Trosten is an ISO certified company, it highly takes a good care of the products.

The heat recovery units are equipped with ozone friendly refrigerants like R 22, R 410a, R 407c, R 134a, R 404a and many more. The ozone-friendly refrigerants cause no harm to the environment, and ensure a healthy and hygienic surrounding. This is the main reason, why clients prefer to install the environment-friendly heat recovery units of Trosten.

Apart from ensuring a good quality environment, these units also offer a good capacity range. Mainly, the capacity range varies from 600 CFM to 60000 CFM. Trosten has managed the manufacturing of heat recovery units with great flexibility. Different efficient accessories like run around coils, plate type heat exchangers, heat pipes, and heat recovery wheels are installed in the unit.

Also, desired insulation features are offered by Trosten, so that the clients can achieve the best insulation with these units. To match the exterior of the buildings, these units are colored with necessary coatings. Again, to avoid corrosion, copper fins along with anti-corrosive coatings are maintained all throughout the heat recovery unit.

Thus, it is highly recommended to grab the efficient heat recovery units from the best heat recovery unit manufacturers in UAE. Again, Trosten also provides these units at an affordable price.

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