The growing demand of air conditioners is increasing day by day and in the peak season, your air conditioning unit will be asked to work super hard. This means, your air conditioning bill could climb very high even without your realization.  Many air conditioning units are there which can reduce your high utility bills and among the air conditioner manufacturers in UAE, Trosten Industries, a reliable and recognized company. Equipment designed by Trosten is of high quality, advanced technology which sets them apart from rest of the above.

Everybody wants to reduce their utility bills by consuming more. Here are some essential tips by which you can reduce the power consumed by your air conditioner:

  • Energy saving air conditioners: In this competitive market everything is available as per your requirement so, it is a wise decision to invest in an energy saving air conditioner as it is one of the sensible ways that you can cut down on your air conditioning power consumption. New models of air conditioners systems yield twice as much power as they consume.
  • Maintain outdoor condenser coils: These outdoor condenser coils are constantly exposed to debris and need to clean regularly to function efficiently. If your condenser coils are free from dust and debris then, your consumption of condensing unit consume less energy and it leads to less utility bills.
  • Proper insulation: Always make sure that your building is properly insulated because if there are leaks in the insulation, it could be the reason why your air conditioner has to work hard and if your area is properly insulated then, it can retain conditioned air and consequently put less pressure on the functioning of air conditioner.
  • Free Air Flow and Heat-Emitting Obstacles: Yes, you should always make sure that furniture and other things that could obstruct the direct airflow of air conditioner should be out of its way so that there will be free airflow and emits any kind of obstacles. These factors do play a role in decreasing the function of your air conditioner so, it is essential for you to take care of these things and effuse the hurdles which comes on the way of air conditioner. Make sure that your air conditioner is not placed near those objects which emit heat.

It is substantial to be sensible when it comes to the usage of an air conditioner. Trosten is one of the leading air conditioner manufacturers in the UAE.  We provide you other ways that you can reduce your air conditioners energy consumption by maintaining its condition, or replacing an old air conditioner with a new certified one!


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