Fresh air handling units (FAHU) work to regulate and circulate fresh air in HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning) systems. These units are also known as heat recovery units (HRU) and has a growing demand in the UAE.

Trosten Industries manufactures and supplies Eurovent certified fresh air handling units and heat recovery units. Eurovent certification is a world renowned certification for HVAC units for product performance. This certification indicates that the product is differentiated and has been designed keeping in mind best practices and adherence to global quality standards.

Trosten ensures to provide best quality fresh air handling units with custom built features to suit client’s requirements. The units comes with rock wool insulation that is environment friendly and comes with varied heat recovery configurations like heat recovery wheel, heat pipe heat recovery, recuperator and run around coils.

The capacity range is 600 CFM to 60000 CFM, they have high efficiency backwards curved centrifugal fans that are tested and certified by AMCA as per AMCA 210 for air performance and as per AMCA 300 for sound performance.

They are configured with IE2 / IE3, TEFC, IP55 degree of protection, class F insulated, VFD compatible electric motors. Trosten provides MERV8 & MERV13 filters for the FAHU. It is designed with stainless construction drain pan with all-round edges and thus avoiding microbial growth as per the ASHRAE 62-1999. They have heresite coating on their fins for coastal applications and side plates in SS construction. Trosten provides DX type FAHU with refrigerant options of R22, R407c, R410a, 134a and R404a.

Trosten Industries manufactures these FAHUs in chilled water and direct expansion system.

Trosten is considered as the leading FAHU manufacturer in the UAE. The company is committed to global and local standards for quality of products and services, following best practices and maintaining a very high level of customer service.


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