Intended for centralized conditioning of air, modular air handling units offer essential functions like heating, cooling, filtration, humidification, dehumidification, heat recovery and regeneration. Trosten industries manufactures high quality modular air handling units for renewing the indoor air in residential and commercial spaces.

Let us look at the features and applications of modular air handling units.

Flexibility: Modular AHUs feature exceptional flexibility with their adjustable modular construction devices. They have flexible connectors interconnected by anti-vibration material like galvanized steel and polyethylene tape reinforced with polyamide textile cloth.

Easy installation: The installation process of an AHU is relatively simple as it features compact housing and adaptability to the building entrance conditions as well as simplicity of interconnection into a set inside or outside the housing. It can also be dismantled easily to be cleaned and contains the following components.

  • Air intake: Air handling units gather air from the outdoors, treat it and then let out the recycled air into the building rooms.
  • Filter: The filter can be set to a high or low particle retention depending on the hygienic requirements of the industry.
  • Fan: It powers the air with an electromechanical system that distributes purified air throughout the rooms.
  • Heat exchangers: This device transfers temperature between the coolant and air.
  • Cooling coil: Air passes through the cooling coil and collects water droplets which are separated with a built-in droplet separator which is then disposed of in a condensate tray.
  • Silencer: A coating called silencer reduces the noise while installing the unit.
  • Plenums: These are empty spaces in which the air flow is homogenized.

Energy efficient: A modular air handling unit has an energy efficient housing with improved thermal bridges and a thermal transmittance class suitable for changing applications. Heat recovery units also feature energy efficient functioning that mixes outdoor and indoor air so that when it reaches the coil the temperature difference is lower which conserves more energy and lowers the climatic contribution.

Anti-corrosive: The material of the powder-coating used to make an AHU contains an anticorrosive property that protects it from damage and extends its lifespan. The materials that AHUs are made off include galvanized sheet steel, powder-coated sheet steel and aluzinc.

Trosten industries deliver air handling units with one of the best mechanical performances as per EN1886 & are provided with AMCA certified fans for superior performance and UL certified filters for higher dust holding capacity with lower pressure drop.


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