Until and unless there is a problem, there is no path to a solution. Well, this was the main reason, why the humans invented the HVAC equipment. A lot of problems were faced by the industrial clients while conducting different processes in the industries. The main problem was to maintain a favorable environment demanded by the processes.

However, with the help of innovative brains, humans managed to design the HVAC equipment. The HVAC equipment is capable of controlling the air quality and flow as per the requirement of the situation. By installing this equipment in the processing chambers, it is feasible for the clients to enhance the quality and efficiency of the products.

Thus, the demand for this HVAC equipment is pretty high in the industrial market. Not only in the industrial sector, but the demands are also good in the commercial and domestic sectors. Trosten understood the need of good quality air for every sector and started to manufacture the best HVAC equipment.

With time, it earned the reputation of being one of the best HVAC companies in UAE. It mainly focused on the kitchen ventilation equipment and centralized air conditioning equipment. The products of Trosten are supplied all over the UAE and also to some neighboring countries. A huge manufacturing unit is maintained at Dubai Investment Park, UAE, where the manufacturing and the inspection works are conducted efficiently.

A dedicated team of experienced engineers and skilled technicians has been arranged in order to manage all the works without any issue. As Trosten is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, it takes a good care of the HVAC products. All the products are maintained through different quality management systems.

For example –To minimize the pollution related issues and to protect the environment, Trosten manufactures the products as per ISO 14001: 2004, whereas to ensure proper occupational health and safety, it maintains the HVAC equipment as per the OHSAS 18001:2007 standards. Thus, Trosten highly ensures a safe and comfortable working environment with the installation of heavy HVAC equipment.

And for this reason, client considers Trosten as one of the efficient HVAC companies in UAE. Trosten deals with a wide variety of HVAC equipment which mainly includes Air Handling units, Hygiene units, Condensing units, Fan coil units, Heat recovery units, Ecology units, Roof top packaged air conditioner, Ventilation units and many more. So, if you need a good working environment then don’t forget to grab these products of Trosten.

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