The process of air cooling revolves around the two main aspects including removing of heat from one the area where it is not required, and Transfer of heat to the area where cooling is not required. To know the mechanism of air conditioning system, it is important to understand the complete cycle thoroughly; we can group the cycle into three phases.

The first phase or first step involves the transfer of indoor heat to the refrigerant which is located in the evaporator coils. The air conditioner condensers are then responsible for transferring heat to the air. For heat to flow, one of the areas must be located at a higher temperature. This is mainly due to the principle that heat always flows from a high intensity to a low intensity.

The second stage involves moving of produced heat towards the condenser units; it is done by the compressor. The condenser contains refrigerant that must reject its heat to the outside medium. The two cycles of production and rejection continue, air conditioner keeps rejecting the heat and then cycle continues to ensure that the area where an air conditioner is installed stays cool.

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Energy Efficient Cooling System

During this cycle, a lot of heat is produced and rejected, and thus a lot of power is consumed by the air conditioning system. More the power consumption more will be the cost of power and higher will be the electricity bill. So these days’ manufacturers are producing energy efficient HVAC solutions, such systems are capable of consuming less power, yet give higher performance with energy efficiency.

EER is the additional feature that has been added to the air conditioning system or HVAC solutions, which stands for Energy Efficiency Rating. It is used to measure the heat pump cooling efficiency of the system, heating, conditioning and refrigeration system and then rate the system according to its energy efficiency. Higher the rate of EER, more will be the energy efficiency of your system and the more money you will be able to save.

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