Air Handling Units, or AHU’s, consist of elements mounted in large & accessible box-shaped units known as modules, which contain suitable ventilation required to purify, air condition, and renew indoor air conditions within structures such as homes, offices or other premises.

AHUs are typically installed on building rooftops. Air is circulated via ducts to access indoor environments. There are several functionalities of AHUs in addition to proper ventilation of indoor and outdoor air, as listed below:

  1. Filtration and air quality monitoring of air that reaches indoors. This makes sure that the air coming indoors will be clean on account of air purification filters and retention of the same.
  2. Air temperature control regulating the air conditioning system in hot or cold, so thermal sensation in interior is as desired
  3. Relative humidity monitoring for superior indoor comfort – AHU can ventilate spaces where air conditioning is provided by radiators or underfloor heating

AHU comprises of the following components, essential for proper functioning of the unit:

  1. Air intake: AHU collect air from outdoors, treated and distributed throughout rooms, or recycled indoor air
  2. Filter: subject to air purity requirements, filters applied have higher or lower risk of particulate, virus, bacteria, odors or other air pollutants retention
  3. Fan: This is an electromechanical system which can power air to expel from AHU to ducts that facilitate air distribution throughout rooms
  4. Heat Exchangers: These are devices transferring temperate between coolant and air separated by a solid barrier
  5. Cooling Coil: The air passing via this module is cooled. Water droplets are generated in this process, collected in condensate tray due to build in droplet separator
  6. Silencer: These coating significantly reduce installation sound levels
  7. Plenums: These are empty spaces where air flow is homogenized

AHU’s must prioritize energy efficiency. Heat recovery units ensure that the AHU reduces energy use in air conditioning, as the exchanger, indoor and outdoor air is mixed. This means that the climatic contribution is lower, energy consumption is reduced all because the temperature contrast of the air reaching the coil is lower.

Similarly, variable equipment regulation means that fans can work as per flow rate needs, which reduces their consumption significantly.

Trosten Industries, located in Dubai, are among the most reliable manufacturers of energy efficient centralized air conditioning and kitchen ventilation systems and equipment, having established a trusted name in UAE when it comes to AHU or Dubai Skin Air Handling Units. Trosten’s air handling units are Eurovent certified, with among the best and most efficient mechanical performances as per EN1886. The air handling units are also provided with AMCA certified fans for superior performance, in addition to UL certified filters for higher dust holding capacity along with a lower pressure drop.


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