Advanced technology and manufacturing facilities have taken the quality of ducted split air units to altogether a different level. For instance, R410a, R407c refrigerants, and hermetic scroll compressors have made it possible for the manufacturers to promise the best quality every time..

To meet 100% customer satisfaction:

There is always an option to have ducted split air units exactly as per your requirement. In fact, Trosten, known as a leading duct split air units manufacturer, can deliver these units in capacity range varying from 5kW to 17.5 kW at one place. Modern manufacturers are always ready to add customized features exactly as the client needs. In short, 100% customer satisfaction is pretty much guaranteed these days for anyone looking for the best quality ducted split air units.

Maintaining ultimate environment-friendly manufacturing set-up is given higher priority these days. In this context, the Trosten Industries is developing the new generation ducted split units in an ozone friendly way, with R410a and R407c refrigerants. These refrigerants are known for their environment-friendly characteristics.

To make it energy-efficient and secure:

Being a leading duct split air units manufacturer in contemporary times, Trosten understands the importance of developing energy efficient devices. Integration of quiet and energy efficient hermetic scroll compressors with these units are the best examples of the above claim. In addition, Trosten is equally concerned about the safety features of these ducted split air units. These units are provided with metal fan shrouds and coil guards for ultimate safety.

Quality test for extreme occasions:

Despite maintaining up notch manufacturing standard, we at Trosten, conduct rigorous quality tests for the duct split air units. These are tested in accordance with the AHRI 340/360 2007 standard to ensure the best outcome. Moreover, being designed for the ambient temperature of up to 52 degrees, these products can be trusted for any challenging occasion. One doesn’t even need to worry about the safety of these components as the products are provided with high-pressure safety cut-off feature and manual reset option.

Fulfilling the requirements of both the large and small commercial groups, Trosten comes up with distinct designs, as per the requirement of each group. For example, the HP and LP controls for higher capacity models are more suitable for the larger groups. In fact, users can have products for different electricity supplies as per the industry demands or availability.


Each component and equipment packed within an air conditioning unit is important for the system to work properly. Even the slightest defect in one part can drain the performance of overall system. The simplest way to find the best quality is to reach a reputed manufacturer such as Trosten Industries that can offer the products of ESMA Approved series.

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