HVAC equipment plays important role to regulate the flow of air, heat, and ventilation in a desired space or building. HVAC systems are used to provide comfortable indoor environment to the occupants of the place. Trosten industries is certified from TUV-SUD for using a quality management system to manufacture centralized air conditioning and ventilation equipment that meet our client’s technical benchmarks.

Replacing your air filter is key to ensure that your HVAC equipment functions optimally. An AC filter can screen out pollutants and dust to protect the AC unit itself from harmful things in the air. Just like how dirt and grime buildup on floors and counters when they are not cleaned, an AC filter can also get unhygienic if neglected for a long time.

Let us look at what happens after you don’t change your AC filter

  • Clogged filters

Leaving your AC filter unchanged for a long time can lead to dust collection in the moving parts of the AC like motors and valves. This restricts the airflow that strains your HVAC system as it forces it to generate more power to function making the unit less energy efficient. Moreover, changing the AC filter each month saves about 15% on utilities and helps you avoid repairing charges.

  • Accumulation of moisture and mold

The air in your AC filters circulates the air bringing whatever is in your AC with it including germs and dirt. If you have a higher efficiency filter and fail to change it long enough, a buildup of moisture can cause mold to collect in the ducts resulting in a release of germs and allergens into indoor spaces. Changing your AC filters will prevent dust allergies and other illnesses.

  • Malfunction of AC unit

A loaded AC filter will start to make the AC unit warm and will not cool as it normally should. The air conditioner will start to blow out warm air and this ultimately shortens the lifespan of the unit.  This will also speed up the wearing of your AC mechanics leading to a greater cost of repairs.

The AC filter affects the efficiency of the unit and the air quality in your home and commercial environment and hence it is importance to keep the filters regularly clean and efficient. Get in touch with our professional team at Trosten to get your ducts inspected and maintained.


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