The air conditioning systems are highly preferred in the commercial and industrial applications. Nowadays, the clients are highly demanding a great efficiency with these HVAC systems. Thus, in order to enhance the cost savings and efficiency of an air conditioning unit, a packaged system is maintained on the Roof top.

The packaged systems which are maintained on the roof top are termed as rood top package units. These are directly connected to the duct works in order to maintain proper flow of conditioned air. There is a high demand for this equipment in the Middle East countries.

Trosten is one of the leading manufacturers of Roof top package unit in UAE. It has been manufacturing and supplying high quality packaging systems since a long time.

The packaging systems of Trosten are highly appreciated by the foreign clients and this is the main reason, why there is a high demand for Trosten products. As Trosten is an ISO certified company, the packaging units are manufactured with appropriate international and safety standards.

Benefits associated with these Roof Top Package Units are:

1. These equipment produce sound, thus a large amount of noise pollution is related with these systems. But as these are designed to be placed in the roof top, the comfort level of clients are highly maintained. Thus, a quieter atmosphere is maintained inside the chamber.

2. As these units occupy a large amount of space, the placement of these systems inside the chamber can develop a lot of issues. But due to its flexible design, these are mainly placed at the roof top.

3. The maintenance and the installation works are easily maintained with these package systems, as it is easy to work in a good space.

The Roof Top Package Units are availed with efficient refrigerants like R 407C and R 410A. The capacity range of these units varies from 14 KW to 280 KW. In order to maintain the efficiency of the systems, Trosten has equipped these systems with efficient hermetic compressors, coil guards and metal fan shrouds.

These units are available with electronic thermostats in order to ease the operation methods. Again, these are designed with great flexibility, so that these can be used with different electric supplies.

Thus, these package systems are highly recommended for those clients, who want efficient air conditioning units at proper cost savings.

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