When it comes to replacing or purchasing a new HVAC system for your business or residence, it is always a tough decision to choose between a conventional air conditioning system and a heat pump. There are some basic differences between a heat pump and an air conditioning system even though both of these systems work the same when cooling your home. There are certain factors to be considered before making a purchase decision like its energy efficiency, price, and climatic conditions. 

Both heat pumps and air conditioners transfer inside heat to the outside structures to cool the temperatures. One main advantage of heat pump is that it can also reverse its direction and transfer the outside heat to inside to raise the indoor temperatures. A conventional air conditioner, on the other hand, relies on the air handler heat strips to distribute warm air. Air conditioning systems also cost much lesser compared to heat pumps. The lifespan of heat pumps can also get significantly decreased due to its yearlong running for heating and cooling, which will lead to higher costs for the HVAC equipment servicing and maintenance. 

Making a choice between the heat pumps and air conditioner for your home or business depends on several factors, especially climatic conditions. In areas where the temperatures drop below 40 degrees, heat pumps work harder to keep up the desired comfort level resulting in increased energy use and utility bills. Conventional air conditioners are comparatively less expensive to purchase, maintain and run.  The biggest advantage with air conditioners is that they will give you a cool and comfortable home space with less upfront cost. 

Purchase of heat pumps and air conditioners are expensive and it is important to choose from a certified dealer with minimum maintenance costs. Choosing a quality product with warranty deal is equally important. Consider buying products of top brands who is known for the quality of their products. 

Trosten Industries Company L.L.C is a well-known HVAC equipment manufacturer in the UAE. The Company supplies HVAC equipment for commercial, industrial, residential and specialized applications. They are backed by a group of experienced, dedicated and trained employees who strictly adhere to best quality international standards. They supply the highest quality HVAC equipment with a commitment towards the continual improvement of their products and services. 


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