Overview: Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment is used for a range of environmental conditioning and control applications in buildings and includes equipment that provides heating, cooling, and ventilation that allows the environmental conditions to be controlled independently to meet the desired conditions. The environmental parameters such as internal air temperature, relative humidity, and ventilation are to be controlled in relation to the thermal heat gains & losses and occupancy patterns.

HVAC equipment provides you the comfort zone by controlling the temperature, humidity and air quality to indoor environments in the buildings. Using radiators or supply air systems, heating is accomplished by warming the air within the building. Ventilation is achieved by extracting polluted air and maintaining the clean air in the space. It also removes the excessive moisture and keeps internal air circulated and this is done by the mechanical systems powered by fans. Air conditioning lowers the temperature and maintains the humidity levels by using water-cooled systems.

The working of HVAC system is directly related to the building’s comfort levels as it requires substantial floor space for housing the units. There are number of HVAC systems used in the buildings.

  • Centralized HVAC system: A centralized system is the single system that supplies the HVAC requirements of the building. It is generally located in a single zone. These types of systems are consolidated units and mostly use water as a cooling medium and for air distribution use extensive ductwork. They are much better than other systems as have greater potential to manage the greater load-management.
  • Packaged HVAC systems: These types of HVAC systems are available together in one packaged unit and are used in buildings without adequate space for all the separate components. These systems generally contain the following things:
  • It helps in improving the air quality and components like air purifiers, cleaners, ventilators or UV lamps, which gear towards making the air extra clean before it circulates your home or office.
  • The air conditioner or the heat pump together with the evaporator/fan coil in one unit.
  • For a complete control of the system there are control or thermostat interface.
  • Individual HVAC system: Individual HVAC system provides energy using various individual units in various locations of a building. Initially they are easy to control and have low investment.

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