Central air conditioning is a basic requirement for the large commercial set-up and offices these days. Kitchen ventilation requirements are also not limited to the residential groups as these are in high demand in various industries like food and beverages, hospitality and pharmaceuticals. Kitchen ventilation equipment suppliers in UAE have most demands by large hotels and restaurants.

There are leading manufacturers of such equipment that justify such huge demands by providing the upgraded solutions in a consistent manner for the residential, commercial, and industrial groups. There is always a solution available for all, irrespective of the industry, in various sizes and capacities. Moreover, these can be availed in complete customized solutions also as per the industry demands. But, not any manufacturer or any technology can do the job. Only well-resourced manufacturers like Trosten can provide the best solutions and systems.

Why not just any random technology?

Before going to invest in the AHUs or industrial equipment, one must have the knowledge about the technological resources of the manufacturer. Technological advancement here simply doesn’t mean the ones that can multiply the performance of a product. Rather, one should make sure that the manufacturer has high-end hygiene application, energy saving technology, recyclable techniques, needful technicalities to add customized feature with the equipment, etc.

Well, you don’t need to conduct any extensive research to check about the above characteristics with a manufacturer. The simple way available for this is to make sure that the air handling units offered by the manufacturer meet Eurovent certification standard.

This certification ensures the best performance and mechanical strength of the product. To make sure that the product is thoroughly thermal efficient, it is suggested to look for the product manufactured that has Polyurethane and Rockwool insulation, and carry Eurovent certification. When it comes to performance tests, Trosten takes the products to TUV-NORD, TUV-SUD and Intertek laboratories for the best certification standards. In fact, this is the reason that the leading manufacturer like Trosten is always confident of the quality.

Look for the ISO 9001:2008 certifications

Best built-in features can be expected with a device when the manufacturer is resourced with latest software technologies, exactly as it is demanded. Being a leading kitchen ventilation supplier in UAE, we focus on adding new features for the best result. We focus on developing the energy saving and environment-friendly solutions at the minimal possible price. In short, your job is done once you have managed to reach us as we strictly follow all high-end certification standards.

We as a kitchen ventilation equipment supplier in UAE employ ISO 9001:2008 certification norms. It is always important to check the certification (ISO 9001:2008) which indicates that we maintain ultimate quality management system for manufacturing the centralized air conditioning and kitchen ventilation equipment.

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