What is an Air Handling Unit? It is a large metal box that has a blower, heating or cooling parts, dampers and sound absorbers. Air Handling Units are connected with the duct ventilation system. The ducts function to distribute the conditioned air across the premises and return it to the Air Handling Unit. AHUs are essential to maintain optimal temperatures in premises. The components and design of the Air Handling Units can differ as per the use.

Hygienic Air Handling Units are used in surgical operating rooms, clean rooms, food facilities, health facilities and laboratories etc. The purpose of hygienic air handling unit is to control the conditions of the premises to create an environment that inhibits bacteria growth and spread.

The differences between the AHUs and hygiene units lie in hygienic components and smooth surfaces meant to avoid humidity and development of micro-organisms; structure and casing as per the accepted norms; hygienic sound absorbers in the units that help reduce the particles in the ductwork; filtration efficiency; technology to reduce the growth and spread of micro-organisms. Hygiene units not only control power consumption but are easier to install too.

Hygienic air handling units by Trosten have a capacity range of 600 CFM to 60,000 CFM and below are the features:

  • The casing has been designed to be made of aluminum or stainless steel sheets and a snap-fix (screw-less) panel construction.
  • The hardware and fasteners are of stainless steel.
  • Drainpan shall also be made with stainless steel – of SS316 construction.
  • They have direct driven plugs / EC fans.
  • They have been equipped with heat recovery options with plate type heat exchangers, heat pipe heat recovery, run around coils etc.
  • The gaskets and plastic parts that are used should be of microbial inertness that complies to ISO846.
  • Components like fan, motor, coil etc. will be such that they can be withdrawn when required to.
  • There are options for UV lamps, Hepa filters etc.

Trosten Industries are specialized in manufacturing of hygiene air handling units that comply withVDI 6022 Part 1:2011 & DIN 1946 Part 4:2008 standards tested at TUV lab in Germany. Trosten can provide various configurations with many types of heat recovery options like recuperator, heat pipe heat recovery and run-around coils.

Trosten is one of the best hygiene unit manufacturer in the entire GCC and their equipment are supplied to many reputed hospitals in the region.


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