The air handling units are pretty essential for the air conditioning units in order to achieve high quality conditioned air. This conditioned air is highly demanded by the clients in order to improve the hygienic conditions inside the chamber. There is a great demand for the air handling units in the Middle East countries.

Since last few years, the Middle East countries are rapidly developing. Due to easy shipping facilities, the industrial, as well as commercial sectors, are also developing in these regions. Thus, the clients from different sectors are highly demanding for efficient air handling units.

The air handling units are mainly connected with the air conditioning system through the duct works. Both supply and return of air is managed by the air handling units. As the demands are pretty high, a lot of companies started to represent the high quality air handling units.

Leading Manufacturer of Air Handling Units

Trosten is considered as the best double skin AHU manufacturer in UAE. It has been dealing with the air handling units since a long time and is one of the oldest dealers. Within a very short time, it managed to set a unique reputation in the market. Clients from different foreign countries highly appreciate the products of Trosten.

As the air handling units are maintained with double skin configuration, a number of necessary factors are also associated with these units. Some important factors include Thermal bridge Factor, Thermal transmittance, casing leakage, filter by pass leakage, and casing mechanical strength. All these factors or properties together enhance the performance of the air handling units.

Properties of Double Skin AHUs

Trosten understands the need of the clients and thus has managed to manufacture air handling units with both direct expansion and chilled water system. As the capacity range of these air handling units varies from 600 CFM to 80000 CFM, these units can be efficiently used in the big HVAC systems.

As most of the HVAC equipment is made up of metals, there is a high chance of microbial growth. But being the best double skin AHU manufacturer, Trosten has maintained the air handling units as per ASHRAE 62 – 1999, with stainless steel construction drain pans.

Thus, there is no chance of microbial growth within the system. By installing the double skin air handling units of Trosten, a lot of energy can be saved, as these are energy efficient equipment. So, it is highly recommended to grab the air handling units from Trosten Industries.

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