In the world of motor technology, electric motors convert electrical energy into mechanical energy to power up a fan, achieve rotation and produce the optimal torque. Trosten delivers Eurovent Certified Fan Coil Units with UL recognized motor components to offer precise motor monitoring and control with EC motor and Brushless DC motor.

Let us take a closer look at what distinguishes an EC motor and a brushless DC motor.

  • EC motor

EC motor has an efficiency that is about 90% while it consumes less energy than conventional fans. They use permanent magnets and electrical windings to generate their magnetic fields, like DC motors.

EC fan motors simplify control of small or large-scale applications while increasing efficiency.

EC fans can operate at smaller physical size but at high capacity. This is because of its space-saving design that reduces its size as compared to AC motors that have bulky designs. They prove to be a practical choice in environments that have limited space.

AC fan motors have carbon brushes that eventually wear out, but EC fans have a lower risk of wear as they do not have carbon brushes. This increases the longevity and reliability of these fans in applications that need them for a longer time.

  • Brushless DC motor

These motors are a permanent magnet while the stator is an electromagnet. They do not have any carbon brushes which reduces maintenance costs and frequent replacement requirements.

They have more efficiency as compared to EC motors because of their high-level of control over the speed and position of the motor. The life span of a brushless DC motor is approximately 6 times higher than its counter brushed DC motor.

They do not make much noise while operating compared to EC motors of the same ratings.

Brushless DC motors have a feedback control to monitor and control the speed and torque. This hoists up its battery power and lowers down its energy usage.

In case of brushless DC motors, there is no sparking which means the chances of the machine getting burnt out are less.

It does not have an electromagnet in the center which reduces the heating issue that is caused when the electromagnet slows down the cooling process.

Trosten evaluates and specifies the best design for your application and delivers premium quality products made only from the highest-quality materials to meet your motor requirements while saving energy.


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