Overview: Ducted air conditioner is the conclusive climate control solution for your building. The ducted split unit comprises of an indoor and outdoor unit linked by the refrigeration piping. Under split air conditioner the indoor unit resides inside the ceiling and that is connected to ducts and diffusers which are cut into the ceiling.

Ducted split systems are unobtrusive and designed to provide you the complete comfort that is warming in winter and cooling in summer.

Features of ducted split air conditioner unit manufactured by Trosten:

  • Refrigerant R410a: Each complete system uses refrigerant R410A which is considered to have zero ozone depletion potential, and is supplied pre-charged for a 10 m line length capacity of up to 5 kW to 17.5 kW.
  • Efficient: The heat pump of air conditioners provides the efficient forms of heating and each outdoor unit incorporates high efficiency scroll or rotary compressor/s. For better heat transfer the heat exchange coils use inner grooved (rifled) tube.
  • Economical: These units have two refrigeration circuits that provide the flexibility and economy of two stage operations that is utilizing one or two circuits as conditions vary and other is the advantage of not having staggered starting as it quickly operates.
  • Performance: Their performance are up to the mark as these systems have been designed and tested to perform in ambient temperatures of up to 52 °C and their multi speed fan motors are used to match the supply air requirements.
  • Quiet: For minimizing the noise most models have their compressor/s isolated built-in and the insulated compartments to minimize the noise. Their indoor units are insulated for noise attenuation.
  • Durable: KAD Air Conditioners are durable and ensures a long life and an outstanding return on your investment. In corrosive environments, these outdoor coil guards are epoxy coating for extra protection.
  • Insulation: Generally, indoor unit’s cabinets are insulated to reduce condensation and reduce the noise.
  • User-friendly: These split air conditioning units maintain a high level of comforts for room occupants and these auto and timer functions setting allow you to set it accordingly and this make it a user friendly unit.

It is advisable to get best ducted split air conditioner unit from recognized air conditioner suppliers in UAE such as Trosten, which is a one stop destination for purchasing air-conditioning equipment. We satisfy our customer’s requirement by providing the best services all adhering to the quality standards.


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