Air handling units also referred to as an air handler, is a centralized air conditioner system, which is placed to distribute and moderate the air within a space as necessary by an HVAC setup. A blower, a condenser and heater, filter chambers, heat-recovery systems, dampers, and sound attenuators are all components of this machine. It typically has a connection to the ventilation system.

Single skin AHU
The chassis for this gadget is a single piece constructed of aluminum, stainless steel, or GI. It operates quietly and offers an airflow capability limit of 500 cfm to 30000 cfm. This is a highly effective device with CHW/HW/DZ heat transfer coils for people looking for single-skin AHU in Dubai. It has filters in the EU 2 and 13 types and therefore is particularly corrosion resistant.

Double skin AHU
This device is interconnected, in contrast to single-skin AHUs. Its design and layout are different. It has a self-supporting aluminum extruded profile. It has insulated panels that range in thickness from 25 to 45 mm. It also has dual-sloping drain pans and belt-driven curve blowers.
They too have CHW, HW, and DZ coils and are very effective. They often include a thermal barrier and a flat fitter portion in their framework. They have air-mixing chambers and are operated manually or automatically.
Major Differences between single skin & double skin AHUs:

Cooler coil
The double-skin AHU has a cooling coil attached to a condensing unit or cold-water line, which is the fundamental distinction between single and double-skin AHUs. This cooler coil is positioned ahead of or after the blower such that when the supply air contacts it before exiting the AHU, it becomes chilled. The copper tubes were used to build this cooling coil. The AHU is installed with the intention of supplying a specific amount of chilled or fresh air through designated pairs of filters, in a closed-loop system, through ducts, inside the workplace.

Higher insulation properties
Single-skin AHUs typically don’t have much insulation covering them. The PE firm that is adhered to the sheet of metal on the interior may dislodge as the wind increases. Contrastingly, the PU insulation density of double-skin AHUs can indeed be increased based on the purposes and circumstances. Simply enlarging the two galvanized metal sheets will allow for the filling of a larger layer of PU insulation. As a result, double-skin air handling systems are more insulated than single-skin units.

Less noise
Because double-skin AHUs feature thicker casing panels, they are calmer and quieter than single-skin AHUs.
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