The air handling unit is the central air conditioner component that handles all the air that is supplied to the building rooms, through ventilation ductwork. The component conducts the indoor air quality treatment, and the thermo-hygrometric treatment, so that the air is hygienic and fit for the room occupants, and is delivered at a suitable temperature. The air handling unit treats the air through filtering, cooling/heating, humidifying and dehumidifying.

The common components of an air handling unit include:

● Fans
● Filters
● Cooling/heating coils
● Heat recovery system
● Humidifiers
● Dehumidifiers
● UV disinfection lamps
● Sound attenuators
● Photo catalytic oxidation air cleaners
● Dampers
● Mist/droplet eliminators

While there are a number of air handling unit manufacturers in the UAE, only a few of them can offer you high quality products that are certified according to international standards. Here are some tips to choose the best from amongst all the companies.


The best of companies had been in business for last several years, and they have been offering state-of-the-art products equipped with most modern technological features. Trosten Industries have a definitive lead in offering world class air handling units in Dubai and GCC countries and is the first HVAC manufacturer in the region. The company uses the most modern and state-of-the-art CFC free, PUF injection technology (of Italian origin) and is able to create products that cater to the regional requirements.


Only certified manufacturers can offer you reliable air handling units for your HVAC system. For instance, Trosten Industries is certified and complies with the ISO 9001: 2008, and the OHSAS 18001:2007 standards. The company employs a dedicated and skilled team of quality assurance professionals.


Trosten Industries, one of the top most renowned air handling unit manufactures in UAE can offer you the unique customization benefits. It is easy and cost effective to reach a world class facility within your region itself, and order the products that suit the specific requirements, applications, and the site constraints.

Prompt delivery

Meeting the deadlines, and exceeding the delivery expectations, is the hallmark of a leading and reputed air handling unit company. Trosten Industries meets the urgent delivery requirements of the clients, and deliveries in accordance with the project program of a given site. Trosten Industries ensures that there is no extra space required at the site. Hence, any chance of consequential damages is also reduced. As the company manufactures the HVAC equipment locally, there is no need for the customers to maintain the spare inventory. The minimum downtime facility of the company ensures that the systems are always running smoothly.

Trosten Industries is among those leading air handling unit manufacturers that meet all the criteria set by international standards. Trosten is the first Air Handling Unit manufacturer in Dubai having comprehensive and well-equipped manufacturing facility. They make use of state of the art facility and Comprehensive product selection software is used to generate bills of materials, to create drawings with technical data and price information. Bestowed with all these unique features and facilities, Trosten Industries is simply considered as the top air handling unit manufacturing company in UAE.

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