A fan coil unit is an integral part of an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) unit. They are used in HVAC units installed residential, commercial and even industrial buildings. There are heating and cooling heat exchangers in the unit named as coil and fan. These fan coils are made of copper tubes, a metal that is considered strong and durable.

Fan coil units manufactured by Trosten comes withmedium and high static pressure unit and they are available in casing that is concealed or decorative. Our EC (DC) fan coil units comes with an EC/DC motor that is without a brush. Capacity of the Trosten Fan Coil Units is 200 CFM to 2500 CFM.

The company provides for branded fan motor for AC & EC models and the component for AC & EC motors are UL recognized. They offer a 5 speed option as a standard. The cooling coils are AHRI 410 certified. The FCUs also come armed with a fire rated insulation. The fasteners are tested for 1000 hours of salt spray test.

There are some optional features in the FCUs. They can be given decorative ceilings, a four pipe system, electric heaters, stainless steel drain pan and also a synthetic media filters. They can also come with factory fitted valve package.

Trosten Industries is the leading manufacturer of fan coil units in the UAE. The company assures of the highest product quality, world-class services and processes. The team is comprised of qualified professionals who know the market trends and are well versed in the state-of-art technical advancements.


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