An ecology unit is specifically designed for the removal of smoke, oil, and grease particles from the kitchen ventilation system to eliminate or reduce odour to an acceptable level. It is important to remove these particles from the kitchen area for guaranteed neutral exhaust air. It is an important part of the ventilation system and aids in eliminating all the effluents emerging from the kitchen. These units ensure a clean environment with its compact design. They are manufactured in different sizes to befit all kinds of complex kitchen designs and are easy to maintain.

Ecology unit is an efficient solution to eliminate the contaminated air from the air ventilation system. It is an environmentally-friendly solution to maintain air quality. They ensure a clean and mechanical filtration of small particles contained in the air. The removal of grease and contaminated smoke from the ventilation unit is an important part of the commercial kitchen operation. Ecology unit is basically a grease trap device in the kitchen ventilation unit.

Benefits of ecology units:

  • They incur low maintenance cost
  • They can be used as a cost-effective alternative for other options like carbon filters
  • Ecology units help to reduce the cooking odour.
  • They destroy the grease particles laying on the kitchen ventilation system.
  • It is easy to install an ecology unit on an existing ventilation system.

The selection criteria for the best ecology unit for your kitchen is a simple process. They varying capacities of these units show how much smoke and grease particles can be removed from the air. Ecology unit should be selected as per your kitchen requirements.

In commercial kitchens, the type of food to be cooked, air change rates and kitchen hood size determine the airflow to be handled by the ecology unit. Properly selected ecology unit will meet all kinds of commercial kitchen installations. The main purpose of the ecology unit is to extract the maximum grease particles in the air and vent it through the ventilation hood and out of the building.

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