Overview:  The main purpose of HVAC system is to ensure that the air quality of the indoor environment is both safe and comfortable for you. There are many ways through which indoor space in a hot severe climate can be comfortable. Most AC systems work on the same principle that is when fluid is compressed it propels the heat it contains and when it expands, it absorbs the heat from its surroundings. Therefore, by alternately compressing and releasing a fluid, one can make it “absorb” heat from inside a building and release it outside. Such type of system has three components a central plant, a distribution system, and a rejection unit. The central plant is also known as chiller plant that contains the core of the system this is one of the parts that actually compress the fluid (called a refrigerant) in order to make it give off its heat. The work of the distribution system serves to distribute the cooling that is generated by the chillers throughout the building, which is then, transfer to the air inside the building. Since, it is hard to move all the air in the building to the central plant so; it is designed in such a way that it will usually transfer the coolth to another fluid, such as water, which is then circulated to a unit on every floor that in turn cools the air.  Such a device is called an AHU or air handling unit. From the chiller plant it takes the cold water and then cools the air coming into it. It essentially consists of heat exchanger and a large fan through which the cold water passes on its and coolth to the air. Through a well-insulated pipe the cold water is pumped to AHUs throughout the building.

Therefore, the work of the distribution system either distributes coolth or collects the heat from throughout the building after that the chiller must pass on this heat to the external atmosphere. Basically, there are two types of system, air-cooled and water-cooled system the air cooled system, pass the heat directly to the air and then taken to the roof of the building, where a cooling tower transfers the heat to the atmosphere. A good HVAC system functions well when the compressor compresses the refrigerant, increases its pressure and temperature and hot outside air is blown over the refrigerant vapor by the condenser to liquefy it. After that, the expansion valve changes refrigerant into a low-pressure liquid, thus it efficiently cools your building. Basically the heat is transferred by the evaporator to transform the cool liquid to a warmer gas where all AHU rooms must have a floor drain, as condensation from the air will collect in the unit. There are many factors that need to be considered when trying to make a comfortable space inside a large building. Before dealing with HVAC Industry in UAE consult with an expert and well-versed HVAC company like Trosten, that ensure you have the right unit type installed as the professional knows what to do to provide optimal equipment for temperature control, energy efficiency, and humidity challenges within your building.


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