Air handling units are used to regulate airflow and work as a part of Heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) system. They are generally larger than the standard air conditioners and are used in commercial buildings and offices. They are larger units and hence require better maintenance. Major components of an air handler include filters, heating and/or cooling elements, humidifier, and fan, mixing chamber, heat recovery device, controls and vibration isolators. Like any other complex equipment, it needs check-ups and maintenance.

Here are 6 tips for maintaining your air handling unit.

  • Heating and Cooling Coils and Valves

Valves of the unit must be properly placed so that the unit operates properly. Improper valve setting can lead to dysfunctional units and irregular changes in the temperature of the building premises.

Cooling coils can be checked after they are thoroughly cleaned. You can just wipe them off dust and dirt. Cleaning makes the flow of air into the coil easier and smoother, consuming less energy compared to a dirty coil.

  • Air Filters

Air filters are important as the air is cleaned while it flows through them and reaches the fans. They are bound to get dirty after a period of time hence you should replace them when they act as obstructions to air flow. This obstruction makes the unit consume more energy just to let the air flow inside.

  • Air Dampers

Have the movement of the air dampers with the help of a maintenance service provider. They will have better knowledge of the technicalities of the unit. Air dampers can change the effective functioning of the unit.

  • Air Side Economizer

This is a device that checks outdoor temperature so that it can determine the requirement of the temperature inside the building. Having this device is a money and power saver as the unit doesn’t use excess energy. An HVAC maintenance company can have a look at it for you.

  • Regular Service

Getting your unit serviced regularly can save you time and money in the future. It costs less to get your existing unit maintained than replace it completely.

  • Compressor Check

The compressor units change the hot air to cold air. Seasonally this unit must be checked and cleaned to have smooth air flow through them.

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